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Intuitive Distribution

Skin Contact Approved

Natural Ingredients

Fragrance Free

Paraben Free

The All Natural
Relief Patches

28 Patches

9X More Effective Than Pills and Gummies


Intuitive Distribution through the Skin to your Bloodstream.
Pure Ingredients Sourced from Nature, Free of Sugars and Fillers.
No Artificial Fragrances or Parabens, Just Gentle Calmness.
All-Day Release, Stay Comfortable and Ache-Free from Sunrise to Sunset.

Word’s Gotten Out



Still Chewing your supplements? Sad


What's Inside?


Nature’s pain reliever.


A tried-and-true anti-inflammatory.


A natural immunity-booster with a cool name.


Helps stabilize mood so you can find your chill.


Helps relieve pain so you can feel better sooner.

Full ingredient List

White Willow Bark Extract, Arnica Extract, Cat’s Claw Bark Powder, Copaiba Oil, Ginger Root Extract, Curcumin Root Extract, St. John’s Wort, Licorice Root Extract, Zinc Picolinate, B-Complex Blend, Magnesium Citrate, COQ10, Cosmoperine


The statements made in connection with these products have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration and the product’s efficacy has not been confirmed through Food and Drug Administration-approved studies.


Topical use only. Do not use on damaged, broken, or irritated skin. Consult your health care practitioner before using if you have an autoimmune condition or depressive disorder. Keep out of reach of children less than 3 years old. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing without first consulting your doctor. Wash hands after use. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute or alternative to information from a health care practitioner. Please consult your health care practitioner about potential interactions or other possible complications before.

5 Reasons Why Relief Patches?

Relief from those aches and pains

Infused with soothing white willow bark, ginger root, and healing, all-natural extracts to help support you getting back to 100.

Long lasting

Keep those pains away for up to 12 hours while wearing a patch

90% more effective than pills

Wearables’ highly-effective patch technology delivers vitamins right through your skin, straight into your bloodstream where your body can make the most of them.

No sugar, fillers, gelatin, or gluten

Gummies are cute and all, but many of them contain a lot of extra ingredients you don’t need. Wearables give you vitamins and essential nutrients minus the additives and fillers.

Won’t irritate your G.I. tract

Ever feel nauseous after taking a pill? Same. Wearables solve that problem. Go ahead and patch up any time of the day or night, even on an empty stomach.

How to Wearables

Step 1

Step 1

Place one patch on your body.

Pro-tip: avoid hairy spots or the bendy parts near your joints.

Step 2

Step 2

Give your vital boost. Wear for up to 12 hours then peel off, throw away, repeat.

Step 3

Step 3

Gently wash off any remaining adhesion with warm, soapy water.

Your Wellbeing

Wearables Patches
Most GummiesMost Pills
No Extra Fillers
Accurate ingredient labels
No gelatin or gluten
Absorbs straight to the bloodstream
Doesn’t irritate gastrointestinal tract

How ya feeling?

4.56 stars | 16 Reviews
Verified Buyer

Period Cramps & Headaches

I used these to try & ease period cramps and headaches. It worked a little bit. It didn’t get rid of the pain completely, but it did lessen the pain.

Review Image
Review Image
Review Image


Verified Buyer

Absolutely awesome for stomach pain and nausea

I have stomach issues and out of the blue I'll get pain along with nausea and I tried these patches I usually use essential oil blend that helps but I was out so I gave this a try and it works great and they're easy to apply and works quickly and easily removed with no sticky residue. Great value and definitely getting these again


Andrew Leung
Verified Buyer

Great post-workout

Easy to use and great for relief post-workout.


Verified Buyer

I like it and it works for me

I have been having some knee pain in the leg I also have ankle pain from arthritis when I badly broke my ankle one time. . .this has been working for me. I don't like to take pain killers if I can help it. I also like to keep moving and not just sitting around. This didn't take all of the pain away but it did take quite a bit of it away and helped me a lot. I found them easy to use and kind of fun-looking. I would get them again.


Verified Buyer

Seemed to work well in the beginning

I really had high hopes for these Relief patches as they seemed to work well in the beginning. I could feel a difference. Then for some reason it seemed like they weren't doing much at all. The patch is cute. It's hard to know if it is just my perception or if they just aren't working any more. Rating 4 stars because they did seem to work at first.


Mark Lehman
Verified Buyer

I don’t know what to think….

Initially I felt like I was getting some relief but after continued use, it felt like I wasn’t feeling much better. I have chronic pain from a botched cervical fusion surgery so my pain is constant, just looking for something to take the edge off. This one is 50/50 for me.


Verified Buyer

Patches Stick on Easily and Stay on for a Long Time! Not Sure How Well They Work Yet.

I have used these patches for the last 2 and 1/2 weeks, and this last week, my back has been hurting more than regular and while not taking the pain away, I think it is taking the edge off.With that said these patches work awesome, I placed them around my shoulders and never had one fall off, even after swimming and sweating a lot.


The Clueless Reviewer
Verified Buyer

Love it!

Didn’t think these would be as effective as they claimed. They claimed right. Not only does it work but you get a lot in a pack and they are easy to hide. If you can’t hide it, it’s kinda cool to show off as well. They feel good and they work. Will buy more!


Y. Chiu
Verified Buyer

These Natural Wearable Patches Worked for Me

I have some stiffness/soreness in my left shoulder. I have tried various creams with hemp, with magnesium but they didn't help much. I tried a number of different cupping devices and even manual silicone cups. Surprisingly, cupping did give some temporary relief. I came across these wearable patches which lists some pretty good ingredients which I don't have to ingest but are absorbed via the patch. While skeptical, I decided it certainly couldn't hurt to try. I am happy to say that the patch is having a positive effect on the stiffness. These are meant to be worn for a period of 6-12 hours. There are 28 patches to the packet.Overall, I can say that these have been the most effective of all the different remedies I have tried. One minor quibble is that the adhesive does leave a residual mark and it is not that easy to remove especially when it is on my back/shoulder. I recommend that they be tried, though.

Review Image


Verified Buyer

Five stars

Been wearing the patches everyday for 3 days for about 5 hours a day. And I can honestly say the pain on my wrist has not been so bad! Gonna keep using to see what’s happens


Airica B
Verified Buyer

There Was Relief...

I gave these pain relief patches a try when I went to work this past Friday & Sunday. Backstory I fell down the stairs & hurt my knee in December. It healed up fine & hadn't bothered me anymore until last week. I do a lot of standing & walking at work, so these patches were worth a try. They are compact which is a plus. I wore them for my 8 & 7 hour shifts. My knee didn't feel sore throughout the day. Package says they can be worn for up to 12 hours. They have ginger root & willow bark in them. Plant based pain relief.

Review Image
Review Image
Review Image


Verified Buyer


Feels nice, loved it!


Gina Congi
Verified Buyer

WOW!!! These are AMAZING!!!

I was looking for holistic health approachs to pain and to chill out... These are the BEST EVER!!! the chill is truly a chill pill sticker... And the pain one wow!!! I suffer from fibromyalgia and body aches from old injuries.... These truly helped... I will be getting these regularly and you can't beat the cost!!!

Review Image


Lisa Quach
Verified Buyer

Such a fun way to wear your vitamins!

The media could not be loaded.  I’ve definitely felt relief through my post gym workouts! It’s a huge plus that they’re fun and you don’t need to take any pills!


Erik B.
Verified Buyer

Love it!

I first bought the sleep patch they make and was blown away by the effectiveness so I figured I’d try this one and so far these are all great! I love that they’re plant based and all natural and also that it takes a lower dose to have the same effectiveness since it is epidermal and the ingredients are don’t have to make it through your digestive system. All around amazing concept and would love to see more!

Review Image


Verified Buyer


I was skeptical about wearables but boy do these work. I put them on my stiff shoulders and I felt relief within the hour. Looks great too. Can’t wait to try the other products.

Review Image
Review Image




About Patches

When supplements are under 500 Daltons (a unit of molecular weight) we can absorb them through our skin into the bloodstream. We kept this in mind when designing Wearables

pretty cool, huh?

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